Sports Dont Die

VIDEO: Sports. Don’t. Die. – “Revenge of the Ref”

As we approach a new season of high school athletics, let’s not forget what goes around comes around. In our ninth installment of #SportsDontDie, presented by Walnut Creek Cheese, the tables have turned, and a referee dishes it out with his own fanatical flair.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association created the Respect the Game program to promote sportsmanship, ethics and integrity. Check out their Parents & Fans Fair Play Code to help keep things in perspective as we cheer on our favorite area student athletes and coaches.

Let’s show good sportsmanship on and off the field of play. After all, referees have feelings, and your family doesn’t want to be embarrassed by your unruly fanaticism. Many thanks to Jennings Carpenter for keeping the home office staff at AloNovus on our toes and helping us understand the rules.

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