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‘The Flying Ace’ picks up Harringer Towing $2,000 win at Hilltop

It was an exciting night on the hill as Corey Conley flew to victory in the evening's big money race

By Jessica Mardis

After a brief spring shower, racing action was underway at Hilltop Speedway for $2,000 to win for the Holmes Tire Late models, sponsored by Harringer Towing along with regular racing divisions. 

Setting fast time among the field of 14 Holmes Tire late models was Flyin’ Ryan Markham with a 14.205. A single heat race win went to Rick Bond while Craig Wolford won the dash. 

With the field set, the green was out on the 30-lap feature with “The Flying Ace” Corey Conley taking the top spot from the outside pole. Undeterred, Wolford, the race’s pole-sitter, would pressure Conley lap after lap for the lead. Meanwhile the battle would ensue for position between Ryan Markham, Kyle Moore and JR Gentry with Markham taking third with five laps down.

As the leaders worked their way up to lap traffic, Conley would attempt to navigate his way through and put distance between himself and Wolford. However, he was unsuccessful as Wolford would remain on his bumper looking for the lead.

With 22 laps down, caution would fly as Rick Bond would make contact with the wall in one and two. Back under green, Conley would maintain his position as Markham would pressure Wolford for second. Unfortunately contact between the two would send Wolford pit-side.

Once again under green flag racing, Conley would retain the lead and pull away from the field to pick up the Harringer Towing sponsored $2,000 to win feature. Rounding out the top five was Markham, Shane McLoughlin, Kyle Moore and JR Gentry. 

Picking up the dash win as well as setting fast time, 14.862, among the modifieds at Hilltop was Nathon Loney with Bruce Miller picking up the heat race win. With racing action underway, Loney would jump out front as Bob Page and Bruce Takach would battle it out for second. Unfortunately contact between the two would bring out the caution, ending Takach’s night and sending Page to the tail for the restart.

Back under green Loney would again jump out front as Jimmy Smith would pressure the leader. However, after leading all 20 laps, it was Nathon Loney picking up his first win at The Hill this season. Finishing second and picking up the hard charger sponsored by Slingin Dirt Productions was Smith. Third went to Justin Coulter, fourth to Richard Grogg and fifth to Bruce Miller. 

The Short Track Fire and Rescue mini stocks featured two heat races with wins going to Tim Workman and Jordan James. After the redraw, pole position went to Edwin Geary with Tim Workman outside. However, caution on the initial start would send Geary to the tail, moving Tator Tatro up in position.

With the green out, Tatro would take the top spot. After contact with the wall, Tatro would fall back to fourth, leaving the door open for Wes Staley to claim the lead. Remaining out front and picking up back-to-back wins at The Hill was Staley, followed by Billy Parsons, Edwin Geary, Wayne Newbury and Tim Workman.

Heat race winner David Potts would claim pole position as well as the early lead at the start of the Holmes Pest Control street stock feature. However, father Kevin Potts would not back down as the two would battle door to door. Thirteen laps down, Kevin, on the bottom line, would take the lead off of turn four. With a mere two laps to go, David would charge back, looking to regain the lead.

Side by side the father-son duo would go off of turn four to the checker with David edging out to take the win. Finishing third was Rusty Redman, fourth was Jordan James and fifth was Trae Schonauer.

Setting the pace to the green for the Rigz Towing Modlites was heat race winner Joe Burkhead. Taking the lead, Burkhead would be challenged by Jimmy Smith. After a late race caution, Smith would again make a charge at the leader, side by side down the backstretch. However, he was unable to surpass as Joe Burkhead would go on to pick up his first feature win of the season. Following Smith was Tanner McLoughlin, Clint Snyder and Cody Stillion.  

Rounding out the night were the Bugs R Gone trucks with a Rolly Heyder picking up the single heat race win. As the green dropped, outside pole sitter Blake Heyder would jump out to the lead with father Rolly looking in on his bumper. Lap after lap Rolly put the pressure on Blake, but the youngster was unfazed as he would go on to pick up his first feature win of the season. Zoe Stafford, Logan Duncan and Jerry Gardner would round out the top five.

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