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Scoring explosion highlights Lady Hawks’ 10-0 win over Generals

Shana Miller

In the game of soccer, it can take a good team five or six games to reach 10 goals. The Hiland Lady Hawks did it in one.

Coming off of its first home game of the season, Hiland must feel really good about the direction it is going because the Lady Hawks found the net time and again in rolling up four first-half goals before collecting six more in the second half.

Oddly enough it marks Hiland’s first effort at home on a season that saw them open up with five straight road games.

“We are just excited to finally be playing back on our home turf,” Hiland coach Jeremy Kauffman said with a laugh.

However, it was the offensive explosion that really put a smile on Kauffman’s face. Yes, it was a lot of goals, and yes, it was a win, but the thing he felt his team really will take from the game is the confidence that an effort like that can produce.

“Obviously it feels great to score some goals and not give any up, but I think at the end of the day, it is going to help us gain confidence,” Kauffman said. “Bad play and bad results can start to get into your head, and you start feeling like there is nothing you can do, which only breeds more bad results and bad play. So anything you can get to change the tide and the way you feel about your game and winning and scoring goals creates confidence, which in turns helps us play better. To believe you can do it and to see that positive things can happen are good for our confidence.”

Kauffman went on to note that his team moved the ball well, found open areas to play to and converted good passing attacks into great scoring opportunities. He said as his kids begin to better understand the game and how they want to approach every game, positive results will help illuminate the purpose of what the coaches are trying to get across to the young Lady Hawks.

For Hiland the scoring started fairly early and remained constant throughout the game as a number of players got into the act, which was another thing that pleased Kauffman.

Taryn Schlabach started the scoring party for the Lady Hawks at the 27:55 mark in the first half, and then she started doling out passes to teammates who in turn found the back of the net.

“I thought Taryn played a fantastic game,” Kauffman said of his junior midfielder. “I think her play helped some of these kids realize that if they get in the right place, she was going to find them for a good shot.”

Taryn Schlabach dished out four assists in her effort. Shana Miller scored goal number two at the 18:59 mark, and then Patricia Raber scored back-to-back goals at 13:57 and 11:28 to forge a 4-0 Hiland advantage.

Alexis Raber quickly got Hiland right back on track after the break by pounding home a goal at 35:58 of the second half, and Miller followed that up with her second score just 19 seconds later to make it 6-0.

Freshman Gabby Schlabach knocked in a shot at 21:42 and then followed up with her second goal at the 16:10 mark. Mia Gertz drove home a goal at the 7:45 mark to make it 9-0 before Alexis Raber completed the hat trick with a goal with 7:00 left to play to complete the scoring.

The onslaught left many wondering what the Hiland record for goals in a game was, and their head coach didn’t know, although it did pique his interest.

“I’d have to go back into the archives to check the record books, but I am sure that this is the most goals we have scored since I have been here,” Kauffman said. He thought the most goals any of his teams had ever scored in a single game was six, so this effort blew that number out of the water.

Kauffman went on to say that his team’s defensive effort was kind of overshadowed by the offensive explosion, but he said it was every bit as important as the offensive show.

“I don’t see how anyone on our side can’t walk away from this game feeling a little bit good about the final result,” Kauffman said.

The win improved Hiland’s record to 2-4 on the season.

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