West Holmes Boys Tennis

RESULTS: West Holmes Tennis Invitational

The West Holmes Knights Tennis Invitational took place on April 18 with Coshocton coming out on top of the four teams attending. Here are the final team standings;

Coshocton 9
Norwayne 3
Massillon 3
West Holmes 2.5

1st singles – Round 1

Sam Magness (C) def. Nate Ruth (M) 6-2 6-2
Dillon Early (N) def. Ethan Meyer (WH) 6-0 6-1

1st Singles Consolation
Meyer def. Ruth 6-2 6-4,

1st Singles Championship
Early def. Magness 6-3 6-2

2nd singles – Round 1

Jim Magness (C) def. Zach Wolfe (M) 6-0 6-0
Andrew Rodhe (WH) def. Scott Turnbow (N) 5-7, 6-1, 10-2

2nd Singles Consolation
Turnbow def. Wolfe 6-0, 2-6, 10-8

2nd Singles Championship
Magness def. Rodhe 6-0 6-0

3rd singles – Round 1

Cameron Wiandt (C) won by bye,
Nate Gregg (M) def. Jarren Sheppard (N)6-2 6-0

3rd Singles Championship
Wiandt (C) def. Sheppard 6-2 6-1

1st Doubles Round 1

Gauerke/Milliken (C) def. Bridenthal/Stoller (N) 6-0 6-0
Teall/Mannweiler (M) def. Biltz/Mathie (WH) 6-0 6-2

1st Doubles Consolation
West Holmes def. Norwayne 6-1 6-4 and

1st Doubles Championship
Coshocton def. Massillon 6-0 6-0

2nd Doubles Round 1

Tupper/Hartley (C) won by bye
Berbari/Mutigli (M) def. Hartley/Abraham (WH) 6-3 6-1

2nd Doubles Championship
Coshocton def. Massillon 6-1 6-1

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