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Quakers enjoy a banner day at Meadowbrook track and field invite

Carly Jacobs earned a pair of firsts i nthe hurdles to highlight Garaway's day

New Philadelphia had the competition quaking in their shoes at the annual Joe Kasper Memorial Track & Field Meet at Meadowbrook High School on Saturday, March 31. Both the Quakers boys and girls team proved to be dominant in making it a clean sweep and taking home team titles on the day.


There were plenty of quality efforts for the local team participating in the Joe Kasper Memorial Track & Field Meet at Meadowbrook High School. New Philadelphia had champions in Rachel Anderson in the 1600 and Aaliyah Currence in the long jump. The team also road a strong team effort overall to a first-place finish.

Dover was nipping at their heels on the strength of championship efforts from Raya Harrison in the 800, Whitney Ward in the 400 and Natalie Caswell in the 3200, churning out 120.5 points for second place.

Garaway chugged to fifth place in the field of 15 teams by riding the strong effort of All-Ohioan Carly Jacobs, who took first in both the 100- and 300-meter hurdles.

New Philadelphia – team first place at 131 points

Rachel Anderson – first in 1600 in 5:39.45

Aaliyah Currence – first in high jump at 5-04

Rebekah Stoneman – second in 1600 in 5:40.40

Aaliyah Currence – second in the 100 in 13.23

Josie Pry – second in 300-meter hurdles in 50.27

Angie Wallick – third in 200 in 27.89

Kate McEwan – third in 100-meter hurdles in17.14

Sarah Stoneman – third in 3200 in 12:53.65

Kate McEwan – third in pole vault at 9-06

Rebekah Stoneman – fourth in 3200 in 13::06.06

Josie Pry – fifth in 100-meter hurdles in 17.58

Megan Maurer – fifth in 300-meter hurdles in 52.99

Kailey Gilland – fifth in pole vault at 8-00

4-by-200 relay team of Angie Wallick, Josie Pry, Kiera Sexton and Aaliyah Currence first in 1:50.92

4-by-400 relay team of Kiera Sexton, Natalie Davis, Rachel Anderson and Josie Pry second in 4:32.05

Dover – team second place at 120.5 points

Raya Harrison – first in 800 in 2:23.6

Whitney Ward – first in 400 in 1:04.17

Natalie Caswell – first in 3200 in 12:35.48

Rachel Anderson – second in 800 in 2:25.05

Grace Nolen – second in 3200 in 12:43.61

Meredith Lehman – third in 400 in 1:05.41

Jordyn Kiser – third in 300-meter hurdles in 51.70

Emerson Rainsburg – third in 1600 in 5:43.83

Grace Wallace – third in shot put at 33-00

Grace Wallace – third in discus at 103-01

Erin Smith – fifth in 1600 in 5:45.21

Jada Weston – fourth in 100-meter hurdles in 17.56

Jordyn Kiser – fourth in long jump at 15-05

Brooke DiDonato – fifth in high jump at 4-08

4-by-400 relay team of Raya Harrison, Meredith Lehman, Willow Cox and Jordyn Kiser first in 4:29.09

4-by-800 team of Raya Harrison, Emerson Rainsburg, Natalie Caswell and Erin Smith first in 10:15.75

Garaway – team fifth at 51 points

Carly Jacobs – first in 100-meter hurdles in 15.75

Carly Jacobs – first in 300-meter hurdles in 48.31

Makayla Miller – second in discus at 110-06

Lindsay Goehring – fifth in 3200 in 13:13.04

Helena Immel – seventh in 800 in 2:43.26

4-by-200 relay team of Carly Jacobs, Ashton Gerber, Haley Shutt and Lizzy Mullet sixth in 1:58.90

4-by-400 relay team of Carly Jacobs, Haley Shutt, Mattie Walter and Lizzie Mullet third in 4:34.37

4-by-800 team of Helena Immel, Lauren Goehring, Lindsay Goehring and Brooke Werker third in 11:29.07


Nikki Yoder – fifth in 400 in 1:07.35


The New Philadelphia Quakers proved adept at both speed and distance at the Joe Kasper Memorial Track & Field Meet at Meadowbrook High School.

LJ Lowery won three individual events including the 100, 200 and 400 and helped the 4-by-400 relay team zip to first place. Aiden Harr dominated the distance races, earning wins in the 1600 and 3200 while helping the 4-by-800 relay team roll to victory. Those two incredible individual performances helped the Quakers run away to the team title championship.

The Dover Crimson Tornadoes were led by Ben Hooper’s winning effort in the 110-meter hurdles, and he helped his team earn a fifth-place finish in the field of 15 teams.

The Garaway Pirates got a second-place finish from long man Julian Shrock in the 3200, and the Pirates took 11th place. While the Hiland Hawks may not have had a lot of performers, both Brayden Gray and Aaron Chupp took home runner-up finishes in the 300-meter hurdles and pole vault, respectively.

New Philadelphia – team first place at 151 points

LJ Lowery – first in 100 in 11.72

LJ Lowery – first in 200 in 23.10

LJ Lowery – first in 400 in 51.58

Aiden Harr – first in 1600 in 4:34.13

Aiden Harr – first in 3200 in 9:51.18

Storm Elsasser – first in high jump at 6-04

Caden Richmond – second in 400 in 53.18

Jelani Walker – second in 100 in 11.90

Gabe Ernest – second in 1600 in 4:43.55

Alec Preston – third in long jump at 19-07

Storm Elsesser – fourth in 300-meter hurdles in 44:09

Zeke VanArsdalen – fourth in pole vault at 10-06

Jelani Walker – fifth in 200 in 24.25

4-by-200 relay team of Jalani Walker, Tyler Ripley, Alec Preston and Sam Zemis first in 1:36.87

4-by-400 team of Nick Schaffner, Storm Elsasser, Caden Richmond and LJ Lowery first in 3:37.89

4-by-800 relay team of Aiden Harr, Caden Richmond, Nick Schaffner and Gabe Ernest first in 8:33.65

4-by-100 relay team of Jalani Walker, Tyler Ripley, Alec Preston and Sam Zemis fourth in 46.57

Dover – team third place at 78.5 points

Ben Hooper – first in 110-meter hurdles in 16.17

Kyler Dickey – second in discus at 136-07

Andrew McVicker – third in 100 in 11.92

Trent Nixon – third in 400 in 54.12

Kyler Dickey – third in shot put at 47-03.75

Garrett Newsome – fifth in 400 in 54.57

Oshea Williams – fifth in long jump at 18-09.5

4-by-100 relay team of Nathan Ravine, Oshea Williams, Nick Newland and Andrew McVicker second in 46:18

4-by-400 relay team of Trent Nixon, Garrett Newsome, Scott Cecil and Vincent Giumenti second in 3:39.54

4-by-800 relay team of Trent Nixon, Ethan Rainsburg, Vincent Giamenti and Drew Aljancic second in 8:40.29

Garaway – team 11th place at 25.5 points

Julian Shrock – second in 3200 in 10:13.02

Noah Wentworth – fifth in 3200 in 10:53.32

Jaydon Miller – fifth in pole vault at 10-00

4-by-200 relay team of Colin Hochstetler, Drew Elliot, Thomas Dillon and Connar Angel fifth in 1:40.06

Hiland – team 13th place at 18 points

Brayden Gray – second in 300-meter hurdles in 42.85

Aaron Chupp – second in pole vault at 11-00

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