Misc. Monday 07-30-12 – Send him to Kinston

This is going to be short and sweet.

There are two things that are incredibly wrong with our Cleveland Indians. The first thing being that our ownership refuses to address the right-handed power bat we need. Instead, we are OK with platooning the lame left field trio of Johnny Damon, Shelly Duncan and Aaron Cunningham. Thus guaranteeing a third-place finish in the division and another mediocre season hovering around .500 until it’s too late.

The second problem is way worse, if you can imagine that.

The second problem is our 26-year-old DH in the making. Not only do we have one worthless designated hitter in Travis Hafner, now we have two worthless designated hitters because, let’s face it fans, Carlos Santana is not a catcher.

Yes, I’m talking about the overrated Carlos Santana. Let’s start with Carlos’ “catching” abilities. That IS the name of the position after all – catcher – which means you should be the best at “catching’ on the team. Carlos though is just the opposite. He is not only the worst “catcher” on our team, he is the worst catcher in baseball.

When is the “be patient, he is just 26 years old” going to end?

Fundamentally, I thought catchers were suppose to be still behind the plate, show a solid target, frame pitches and throw runners out. Carlos, on the other hand, jumps around behind the plate like he is playing a game of Twister with a bunch of second graders, flashes his glove up and down like he is trying to fool someone, catches pitches (when he’s lucky), lets the glove fade out of the strike zone and finally, has a thrown out 31 percent of runners.

Just based on these simple fundamentals he lacks behind the plate, Santana belongs in a learning role (i.e. the minors) or our coaching staff is absolutely clueless.

So the Indians had another idea. Let’s put Carlos at first base. That lasted all of about half a season. He’s way too short and wait for it, you got it, he still can’t catch even at first base. Every pop up hit between the catcher, first basemen and pitcher turns into a blooper reel when you throw a non-major league player at first base.

So, based on defense alone, Santana has no business being a major league player right now. Does he have potential? Maybe a bit, but the Indians organization needs to make a point to make Carlos an example of the type of player we don’t need if we are trying to win the division.

Funny thing is, the Indians know he is not going to be the player they hoped for, and gave him just over $500,000 for three seasons. A lot of fans were stoked because of the price, when reality is, that’s all he is worth. And I argue, he isn’t even worth that much.

Is he worth that much because he hit 27 home runs last season? That is great power numbers, no doubt about it. But how many of those home runs actually meant anything other than the one Grand Slam walk-off? Usually his home runs come when no one is on base and in the early innings. This year, Santana sits with an average below .240 (last year he hit .239) and is not giving the Indians any defensive help whatsoever.

I’m afraid it’s time Carlos Santana lovers – You need to realize that his time is up. It is time to trade this clown for just about anything, even just draft picks, or send him to the minors where maybe, we can get Rube Baker (from the Major League movies in case you don’t understand that reference) to show Mr. Santana how to actually play the catcher position.

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