Lady Hawks never say die, but finally succumb to Garaway’s poise

All the players involved in the Garaway and Hiland volleyball game on Oct. 14 are way too young to remember one of the best kids’ adventure movies of all-time, ‘The Goonies’.

Midway through the cinema masterpiece, actor Sean Astin, who you might remember as portraying Rudy Ruettiger in ‘Rudy’, tells his eager posse cleverly nicknamed “The Goonies” that their adventure will not end because “Goonies never die”.

And neither do the Lady Hawks.

Down two sets to none, the Lady Hawks rallied on senior night to win an exciting game three 28-26 with their home crowd in a frenzy and then forced the tough IVC opponent to a tight game four when they could have just packed it in and called it a night. (video)

But that’s not the Lady Hawks’ style anymore. Tonight they came to fight.

Leading 21-19 in game four the Lady Hawks looked as though their Goonie mentality was going to work, but the Lady P’s had different plans.

Garaway took back the lead in game four 22-21 and then held on for the 25-23 win and 3-1 match victory over Hiland in the Reese Center.

“Hiland wasn’t ready to give up,” said first-year Garaway coach Sara Roach. “They kept fighting. Thank goodness we had enough fight at the end of the fourth set to take care of the game.”

“If it goes five games, there’s a big possibility they could have taken that game from us,” Roach said.

Roach also said that her team became a little complacent with the two game lead, but she also said that the massive size of the Lady Hawks’ heart and their unwillingness to go away is what really made this an exciting ending.

“My girls, in the third set, got a little comfortable,” Roach said. “Hiland had a lot of heart tonight with it being senior night for them and I thought we got a little over confident in game three. They really started to push back.”

Garaway (15-7, 11-3) took the first set against the Hawks, but it wasn’t real easy. With the Lady P’s up 22-15, Hiland sounded its freshman alarm with Madison Yoder getting a pair of kills and a high-rising block to cut the Garaway lead to 22-17.

However, the Lady P’s would close out game one 25-18 behind the nasty service game of Amber Monigold. She ended game one with seven service points.

Game two wasn’t near as close as Garaway flexed some of their muscle at the net. The Lady Pirates scooted out to a 11-5 lead and never looked back on their way to a 25-11 convincing win in game two.

“We just didn’t show up the first two games,” said Hiland’s coach Adri Bryk said. “We have a lot of heart, but we’ve been picking and choosing when to use it. There were moments of greatness out there and also some moments that weren’t so great. We’re hoping that is a good lead-in to tournaments, even though we didn’t win.”

Bryk also said Hiland (9-11, 8-8) had a chance to go 10-10 on the season and have a winning record in the IVC had they been able to knock off the Lady Pirates. That would have been quite the accomplishment since they had four combined wins over the last two seasons.

The trend of the Lady Hawks lately has been coming back against good opponents. A week ago the Lady Hawks fought back from 0-2 down at Malvern to win a game and nearly did that again against Garaway on Thursday.

“This week was tough with Garaway and TCC, but we have a lot of time to prepare for our first tournament game next Wednesday. We’d really like to make a run,” Bryk said.

The Lady Hawks start their tournament run when they face Shenandoah on Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. That game will take place at Shenandoah High School.

Court Vision

1. Bryk said her seniors have come a long way and have made great strides this season. They were honored before the game on Thursday.

“They have come so far this season,” Bryk said. “The amount of progress this team has made this year has been unbelievable and they all have also become great leaders.”

2. Emma Warkall’s game was as intense as Garaway football star Ty Hamsher’s hair on Thursday. The sophomore sensation was seen multiple times leading the charge for the Lady P’s and being their top motivator on the floor.

“We wanted this so bad since it was our last regular season IVC game,” Warkall said.“We wanted to finish our season off really strong.”

“This team is so close,” Warkall continued. “We’re playing well heading into the tournament, but we still have some things to work on, just little things, when the time comes though we’ll be ready.”

3. Both Garaway and Hiland felt as though they are playing very well heading into the state tournament. Follow us on Twitter @OhioTicket for score updates on these games.

4. Hiland’s JV team has just two losses on the season and finish with a 17-3 record. So more talent is on the way in Bryk’s program. However, one of their losses came to Garaway on Thursday in three games.

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