Hiland’s own Mr. Jingeling on a terrific roll with keys in tow

Way back in the 1950s to the 1970s, there was a chubby old elf named Mr. Jingeling who came to local Cleveland television each Christmas as the keeper of Santa’s keys.

The little ditty he sang was an enticement to young children all over northeast Ohio to stay on high alert, because Santa Claus’ arrival was right around the corner.

His lively theme song message stated:

“Mister Jingeling/how you tingeling/Keeper of the Keys
On Halle’s seventh floor/We’ll be looking for/you to turn the keys
He keeps track/of Santa’s sack/and treasure house of toys
with wind up things/that Santa brings/to all good girls and boys
Mr. Jingeling/how you tingeling/Keeper of the Keys
Don’t you dare be late/for you have a date/on Halle’s seventh floor”

The Hiland tennis team now has its own version of Mr. Jingeling.

At third singles this season, Hiland junior Grant Gingerich has been a picture of stability. His consistent, no-nonsense style of play and ability to keep the ball in play has led to a really good record; however, the key to his game has by some odd twist of fate become … his keys.

“I haven’t lost yet when I have my car keys in my pocket when I play,” said Gingerich, who began that bit of superstition by accident earlier this season. Since that time, he is 3-0 with his keys in tow, and that trend may not be likely to change anytime soon.

“I will be playing with my keys from now on,” said Gingerich with a laugh.

Baseball is supposedly the game that promotes the most superstition, but apparently it can be found in tennis as well.

Hiland head coach Tyler Yoder got a kick out of the trend, and said of Gingerich’s play, “When he is out there on the court moving around, if you listen closely you can actually hear them jingling around in his pocket.”

As long as he is winning, chances are very good that fans will continue to hear the jing-jing-jingling of Mr. Gingerich’s keys.

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