West Holmes

Fall Athletic Awards for West Holmes High School

Knights dole out their fall season awards and honors

West Holmes High School Boys Soccer

First Year Letter Winners: Eric Biltz, Leonardo Calienno, Cole Guerra, Tyler Masters, Tre Anderson, Alec Landon, Danny Drummond, Chase Christian, Wyatt Fortune, Devin Britt and Grant Miller. Second Year Letter Winners: Drew Campbell, Cody Woods, Slade Barnes, Brady Campbell, Teddy Oliver, Javen Miller and Landon Hawkins. Fourth Year Letter Winner: Zach Buchanan

Player of the Year: Zach Buchanan

Teammate Award: Cody Woods

Leadership Award: Drew Campbell



West Holmes High School Girls Soccer

First Year Letter Winners: Kaylin Marking, Maddie DeWitt, Samantha Rogers, Taylor Dye, Taylor Feikert and Taylor Vecchio. Second Year Letter Winners: Kerrin Fair, Savannah Rogers and Kerri Wagner. Third Year Letter Winner: Whitney Miller. Fourth Year Letter Winners: Katy Vaccariello, Riley Uhinck, Ali Gilt and Natalie Parsons.

Golden Boot: Alit Gilt

Defensive POY: Katy Vaccariello

Coach’s Award: Kaylin Martin

Player’s Award: Savannah Rogers

Most Improved: Mariah Miller


West Holmes High School Football

First Year Letter Winners: Ryan O’Donnell, Matt Chanay, Keaton Macaulay, Ike Gilt, Gavin Sheldon, Bridger Cline, Eric Biltz, Michael Taylor, Josh Baldridge, Jake Hendershott, Jarret Snow, Carrick Miller, Bryce Myers and Braden Allen. Second Year Letter Winners: Landon Hawkins, Brayden Vess, Shane Jones, Grady Hay, Cale Ogi, Jed Alexander, Ethan Kinsey and Alex Walker. Third Year Letter Winners: Luke Eastep, Isaac Wine, Jordan Hoyman, Jake Mullet, Brayden Chaney and Connor Roach. Fourth Year Letter Winners: Trenton Bridenthal, Josh Goudy & Garrett Ervin.


West Holmes High School Cheerleading

First Year Letter Winner: Halleigh Anderson, Kaitlyn Bretz, Blythe Mast, Tyson and Kaylee Watkins. Second Year Letter Winners: Kimberly Brown, Audrey Hostettler, Trista Poquette, Kaitlyn Purvis and Emily Rolince

Third Year Letter Winners: Taylor Burnison and Dailyn Patterson.


West Holmes High School Golf

First Year Letter Winner: Carter Hahn, Evan Yoder, Walker Uhl, Gavine Christine and Jeff Miller. Fourth Year Letter Winner: Blaine Hager and Phillip Schlabach.

MVP: Blaine Hager

Most Improved: Caleb Martin

Sportsmanship Award: Jeff Miller

Coach’s Award: Phillip Schlabach


West Holmes High School Girls Tennis

First Year Letter Winners: Ally Taylor and Hailey Wade. Second Year Letter Winners: Dorita Phillips and Sarah Tennefoss. Third Year Letter Winners: Kate Rodhe, Sabryn Cutlip and Samara Gallion. Fourth Year Letter Winners: Erin Stitzlein.

MVP: Erin Stitzlein

Best Record: Kate Rodhe

Most Improved: Dorita Phillips


West Holmes High School Boys Cross Country

First Year Letter Winner: Jeremy Schonauer, Jonathan Schonauer, Jackson Iamarino, Brayden Bender and Ethan Raber. Second Year Letter Winner: Zedrick Clark and Jonathon Kandel. Fourth Year Letter Winner: Vinny DeFelice.

Runner of the Year: Vinny DeFelice

Most Improved: Jeremy and Jonathan Schonauer


West Holmes High School Girls Cross Country

First Year Letter Winner: Kasy Judson, Becca Kashuba, Daybria Yerian and Morgan Allen. Second Year Letter Winner  : Alexis Hunter and Erin Norman. Third Year Letter Winners: Megan Morrison and Kaylor Perone. Fourth Year Letter Winner: Michelle Hostettler.

Runner of the Year: Michelle Hostettler

Knight of the Year: Megan Morrison


West Holmes High School Volleyball

First Year Letter Winners: Cameran Yeager, Regan Wilcox, Sarah Anderson, Emily Anderson, Makena Mulhall and Samantha Hall. Second Year Letter Winners: Kylie Leppla. Third Year Letter Winners: Lauren Park and Kacie Leppla.

Most Valuable Player: Lauren Park

Coach’s Award: Kacie Leppla

Hustle Award: Kylie Leppla

Most Improved: Makena Mulhall and Regan Wilcox

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