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Elijah Yoder represents Golden Bears well as part of the state’s seated division

Elijah Yoder

Whether it is flying down the track, knocking the round ball around with the guys on the hardwood or simply hanging out with friends, Waynedale sophomore seated athlete Elijah Yoder is going to be the life of the party.

Yoder took his flair for life down south to Columbus recently to compete in the seated division of the boys seated events, and just like last year he had a terrific time being a part of the state track and field meet that continues to grow each year.

Competing at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium on May 31 and June 1, Yoder took fifth in the 800 meters and sixth in the 400 meters and 100 meters, but more importantly he had a blast competing in front of a massive Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium fan base.

“It’s crazy down here,” Yoder said of the packed house. “I think everyone is always a little nervous, but when the gun goes off, you kind of just forget it and focus on the race at hand.”

If Yoder looks familiar to those who may not know him, that may well be because he can be seen on the floor at all of the Golden Bears basketball games, where he has shown off some rather impressive hoops skills with a flair for handling the rock.

“I love being able to represent my school in whatever I do,” Yoder said. “Plus I get to be a part of something great in promoting and developing disability sports. It’s a great opportunity.”

The other notable thing about Yoder is his ever-present grin. He seems to light up a room and believes in maintaining that positive attitude.

“I like to have fun and stay laid-back,” Yoder said of his demeanor. “I like to keep an open mind when it comes to trying new things.”

Having made his second appearance at state and moving into his junior season next year, Yoder said he is looking forward to coming back down to Columbus again next year to compete.

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